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Stephen Dela Cruz has been the key note speaker at multiple venues and events. Stephen's speaking style is one that is life giving and helpful. Though Stephen speaks with authority, he does so in a way that is encouraging to all. Some of the places Stephen has spoken are...
Stephen Dela Cruz Has Been Featured On...
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Presentation Topics Include...
Sales & Marketing: Personality driven marketing marketing that causes customers to buy confidently.
Lazy Millionaire: Creating streams of income that don't require any money down or work from you.
Solo-preneur to 8-Figure Entrepreneur: How to scale a business working by yourself to leveraging others skills to build an 8 figure business.
The Counterintuitive Strategy for Gaining New Clients: How scale your business by leveraging your employees - but in a way they will appreciate.
From The Jail House To The Penthouse: How I discovered my value and created my future - and you can too.
5 Tips on Managing Money When Bootstrapping Your Business: 5 tips I used to manage my time and money when I was starting my first business.
How to Quit 'Entre-porn': The secret to putting down the "entre-porn" and picking up the pace.
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